Crop Management

AGR- 224  Identifying Wheat Growth Stages

ID-125    Comprehensive Guide to Wheat Management in KY

ID-125A    Kentucky Winter Wheat Calendar

ID-136     No-Till Small Grain Production in KY

ID-177     Comparing No-Till and Tilled Wheat in KY

ENTFACT-150 ANR 1082    Barley Yellow Dwarf in Small Grains in the Southeast

ENTFACT-177   Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus and Wheat Curl Mite

Wheat Diseases

PPFS-AG-SG-12     The Importance of Scouting Wheat for Plant Diseases

PPFS-AG-SG-06     Preplant Decisions Greatly Impact Disease Potential in Wheat

PPFS-AG-SG-04     Wheat Spindle Streak Mosaic

PPFS-AG-SG-03     Barley Yellow Dwarf

PPFS-AG-SG-02    Wheat Bacterial Streak/Black Chaff

PPFS-AG-SG-01     Take-all of Wheat

PPA-39                    Septoria Diseases of Wheat                          

Small Grains Handling and Harvesting

Stored Grain


AGR-6   Chemical Control of Weeds for KY Grain Crops

PAT-6:   Personal Protective Equipment for Pesticide Applicator


ENT47                Insecticide Recommendations For Small Grains 2015

ENTFACT-121    Aphids And Barley Yellow Dwarf (Byd) In Kentucky Grown Wheat

ENTFACT-101    Hessian Fly In Kentucky

ENTFACT-107    Cereal Leaf Beetle In Kentucky Wheat

ENTFACT-111    Armyworms In Small Grains

ENTFACT-117    Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus And The Wheat Curl Mite

ENTFACT-134    Insect Pests Of Stored Grain: Cadelle Beetle

ENTFACT-135    Insect Pests Of Stored Grain: Flour Beetles

ENTFACT-136    Insect Pests Of Stored Grain: Indianmeal Moth

ENTFACT-137    Insect Pests Of Stored Grain: Lesser Grain Borer