2017 Wheat Freeze information 

Grain Crops Update

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Wheat Science News

Special Freeze Issue - Volume 21, Issue 2

March 21, 2017

In this Issue:

  • The 2017 Winter Wheat Freeze Events—Plural!
  • Potential Nitrogen Contribution from Terminated Wheat
  • Herbicide Label Restrictions for Feeding and Planting Rotational Crops
  • Burndown of Wheat Following Freeze Injury Considerations for Utilizing Frosted Small Grains for Forage
  • Freeze Effects on Aphids and their Parasitoids under the Mild Winter Conditions of 2017


How to Assess Winter Wheat Freeze Damage to Developing Wheat Heads 

Dr. Carrie Knott demonstrates how to assess winter wheat freeze damage to developing wheat heads 4 days after a freeze event.

Grain Crops Update

Options for Freeze Damaged Wheat: Which Will Be Most Profitable? - 3/29/17

Varietal Differences in Freeze Damage - 3/17/17

 Estimated Yield Potential for KY’s Freeze Damaged Wheat - 3/17/17

 Assessing Winter Wheat Freeze Damage - 3/15/17

 Freezing Temperatures Overnight May Damage Winter Wheat at Advance Growth Stages in KY - 2/26/17



The UK Wheat Science Group Specialist & Researchers

Bill Bruening – Small Grains Specialist

Dr. Carl Bradley  – Extension Plant Pathologist

Dr. Todd Davis – Extension Grain Marketing Specialist

Dr. John Grove - Soil Fertility, Researcher

Dr. Greg Halich – Extension Agriculture Economist

Dr. Erin Haramoto – Weed Science, Research

Dr. Carrie Knott - Extension Grain Crops Specialist

Dr. Chad Lee – Extension Grain Crops Specialist

Dr. James Martin – Extension Weed Specialist

Dr. Joshua McGrath – Extension Soils Specialist

Dr. Sam McNeill – Extension Agriculture Engineer

Dr. Michael Montross - Bioenvironmental Engineering, Research

Dr. Lloyd Murdock – Extension Soils Specialist

Dr. Edwin Ritchey - Extension Soils Specialist

Dr. Tim Stombaugh - Extension Machine Systems Automation Engineer

Dr. Lee Townsend - Extension Entomologist

Dr. Dave Van Sanford – Wheat Plant Breeding, Research

Dr. Raul Villanueva – Extension Entomologist

Dr. Ole Wendroth – Soil Physics, Researcher/

Colette Laurent – UK Grain Crops Coordinator

Marilyn Hooks – UK Staff Support