March 8, 2017 - GREEN UP                                

April 26, 2017 - PRIOR TO FLOWERING                   

September 2017 - PRE-PLANT                                   


May 9, 2017                                                               


See the latest issue of   WHEAT SCIENCE NEWS

Volume 21, Issue 1

February 23, 2017

In This Issue:

  • Warm Weather Results in Ad-vanced Winter Wheat Growth Stages in KY
  • Risk of Stripe Rust of Wheat in 2017 is on the Rise for Kentucky Farmers
  • Wheat: Earlier Aphid Occurrences May Be a Consequence of 2017’s Warm Winter
  • Wheat Outlook and Profitability Potential
  • Don Halcomb Receives 2017 UK Wheat Science Service Award
  • Wheat Production Field School: A Hands-On Training


IN CASE YOU MISSED THE 2016 UK WHEAT FIELD DAY...You Tube links below:

309 Trials Can’t Be Wrong: A Summary of the National Fusarium Head Blight Uniform Fungicide Testing Program

UKREC Plant Pathologist Carl Bradley discusses a summary of the national fusarium head blight uniform fungicide testing program.

Identifying Key Wheat Growth Stages

UKREC Extension Grains Specialist Carrie Knott identifies key wheat growth stages

Preemergence and Postemergence Control of Italian Ryegrass in Wheat

UKREC Extension Weed Science Specialist Jim "Chip" discusses preemergence and post emergence control of Italian rye grass in wheat. Chip's final presentation at Princeton Wheat Field Day before his retirement this summer!

Nitrogen Management Strategies for Wheat Production

Nitrogen Management Strategies for Wheat Production by UKREC Extension Soils Specialist Edwin Ritchey, Phil Needham of Needham Ag Technologies and Don Halcomb from Walnut Grove Farms, Schochoh, Ky. in Logan County.


The UK Wheat Science Group Specialist & Researchers

Bill Bruening – Small Grains Specialist

Dr. Carl Bradley  – Extension Plant Pathologist

Dr. Todd Davis – Extension Grain Marketing Specialist

Dr. John Grove - Soil Fertility, Researcher

Dr. Greg Halich – Extension Agriculture Economist

Dr. Erin Haramoto – Weed Science, Research

Dr. Carrie Knott - Extension Grain Crops Specialist

Dr. Chad Lee – Extension Grain Crops Specialist

Dr. James Martin – Extension Weed Specialist

Dr. Joshua McGrath – Extension Soils Specialist

Dr. Sam McNeill – Extension Agriculture Engineer

Dr. Michael Montross - Bioenvironmental Engineering, Research

Dr. Lloyd Murdock – Extension Soils Specialist

Dr. Edwin Ritchey - Extension Soils Specialist

Dr. Tim Stombaugh - Extension Machine Systems Automation Engineer

Dr. Lee Townsend - Extension Entomologist

Dr. Dave Van Sanford – Wheat Plant Breeding, Research

Dr. Raul Villanueva – Extension Entomologist

Dr. Ole Wendroth – Soil Physics, Researcher/

Colette Laurent – UK Grain Crops Coordinator

Marilyn Hooks – UK Staff Support