2016-17 Wheat Variety Test Results

 UK Small Grain Variety test results are available on line at:

 2017 Kentucky Small Grain VARIETY PERFORMANCE TEST 


Wheat Production Field School: A HANDS-ON TRAINING

September 13, 2017

UKREC Farm, Princeton, KY 


April 11, 2017  Volume 21 Issue 3

 In this Issue:

  • Entomopathogenic Fungus May Cause High Mortality on Aphids
  • 2017 Wheat Freeze: Where’s the Damage??
  • Wheat Disease Ratings Available from Kentucky Variety Test
  • Tell me Again about the Cure for Low Prices?
  •  Wheat Field Day — May 9
  • Announcing Wheat Field School — April 26 

The UK Wheat Science Group Specialist & Researchers

Bill Bruening – Small Grains Specialist

Dr. Carl Bradley  – Extension Plant Pathologist

Dr. Todd Davis – Extension Grain Marketing Specialist

Dr. John Grove - Soil Fertility, Researcher

Dr. Greg Halich – Extension Agriculture Economist

Dr. Erin Haramoto – Weed Science, Research

Dr. Carrie Knott - Extension Grain Crops Specialist

Dr. Travis Legleiter - Extension Weed Specialist

Dr. Chad Lee – Extension Grain Crops Specialist

Dr. Joshua McGrath – Extension Soils Specialist

Dr. Sam McNeill – Extension Agriculture Engineer

Dr. Michael Montross - Bioenvironmental Engineering, Research

Dr. Lloyd Murdock – Extension Soils Specialist

Dr. Edwin Ritchey - Extension Soils Specialist

Dr. Jordan Shockley - Extension Economist

Dr. Tim Stombaugh - Extension Machine Systems Automation Engineer

Dr. Lee Townsend - Extension Entomologist

Dr. Dave Van Sanford – Wheat Plant Breeding, Research

Dr. Raul Villanueva – Extension Entomologist

Dr. Ole Wendroth – Soil Physics, Researcher

Dr. Kiersten Wise - Extension Plant Pathologist

Colette Laurent – UK Grain Crops Coordinator

Marilyn Hooks – UK Staff Support